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Sep 2018 // read more
Practising Within Competence
Dr Hairil Rizal Abdullah , Mr Lim Gim Hui
Introduction “Competence” is a term that carries substantial responsibility. Regardless of profession, when we say one is competent, certain expectations are raised. Airline pilots in their duties of flying passengers are held accountable to a set of standards. They are expected to ke...
Category: Professionalism
Topic: Collegiality , Communication , Conduct , Professional Accountability

Aug 2018 // read more
Professional Accountability (Part 2)
Dr Peter Loke
This is the second instalment of a two-part series. The first instalment was published in the July 2018 issue of SMA News ( Professional accountability and the law While professional self-regulation as enfor...
Category: Professionalism
Topic: Professional Accountability

Jun 2018 // read more
Christopher Chong , A/Prof Cheong Pak Yean , Dr Anantham Devanand , Anil Changaroth , Dr Tommy Tan
With the recent publicity of a number of disciplinary cases against doctors before the Singapore Medical Council (SMC), it is an opportune time to revisit this issue and consider how medical practitioners can best handle such complaints. In order to understand how to deal with SMC complaints, we ...
Category: Medical Ethics , Medical Practice , Professionalism , Health Law
Topic: Communication , Conduct , Regulation