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Feb 2017 // read more
Why There is a National Need for Trained Medical Expert Witness
Dr T Thirumoorthy
The evidence in a medical expert report and the testimony offered by a medical expert witness is often a critical component in arriving at an equitable, timely and fair decision in any medical dispute. This is applicable in the courts of law, especially for medical negligence cases, medical discipli...
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Dec 2016 // read more
The Pathogenesis and Anatomy of Medical Disputes
Dr T Thirumoorthy
Introduction The practice of medicine is complex and filled with uncertainties, and so are medical disputes that arise in the process and outcomes of care between patients and their families and the healthcare professionals and hospitals. One factor that most lawyers and mediators frequently i...
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Mar 2016 // read more
Principles of Natural Justice in Disciplinary Hearings
Ms Rebecca Chew
Having done many disciplinary hearings over the years, it is quite evident to this author that parties frequently envelope various arguments under the cover of natural justice in an attempt to set aside disciplinary tribunal decisions. This article seeks to give some simple insights as to what encom...
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