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Dec 2016 // read more
The Pathogenesis and Anatomy of Medical Disputes
Dr T Thirumoorthy
Introduction The practice of medicine is complex and filled with uncertainties, and so are medical disputes that arise in the process and outcomes of care between patients and their families and the healthcare professionals and hospitals. One factor that most lawyers and mediators frequently i...
Category: Health Law

Nov 2016 // read more
Core Communication Skills in the Medical Interview
Dr T Thirumoorthy
Introduction The medical interview is probably the most important and most frequently used clinical tool. An average physician in active clinical practice would be doing six to seven thousand medical interviews in a year. Good medical interview skills ensure that the doctor collects all the impo...
Category: Professionalism
Topic: Communication

Oct 2016 // read more
The Conundrum of Resource Allocation - When Much is Not Enough
A/Prof Jason Yap
Healthcare is a bottomless pit. No matter how resources are obtained or distributed, demand will always exceed supply. In historical times, when medicine, such as there was, was much less successful at prolonging life or relieving suffering, it mattered less that the best healthcare was available on...
Category: Professionalism

Sep 2016 // read more
The Mental Capacity Act - Understanding the Legal Concepts in Providing Medical Care for Persons Lacking Capacity
Dr T Thirumoorthy
Introduction In 2015, it was estimated that one in ten persons over the age of 60 in Singapore suffers from dementia. Around 500,000 persons were hospitalised in Singapore in 2014, of which 35% (>170,000 persons) were over 65 years old. As such, doctors in clinical practice will be managing a...

Jul 2016 // read more
Public Health Ethics
A/Prof Jason Yap
Public Health Ethics are the principles and values that guide professionals in what they do to promote health and prevent injury and disease in the population. The general medical ethical principles of beneficence, non-maleficence, justice and respect for autonomy are well known and they assist clin...
Category: Medical Ethics

Jun 2016 // read more
Missed Diagnoses and Discrepancy in Diagnostic Radiology [Part 2]
Dr Luke Toh
The first instalment, published in the May issue of SMA News ( focused on definitions and missed diagnoses originating from errors of perception, cognition and communication. We attempt to discuss some strategies that may be adopted to mitigate some of the issues/risks in this ...
Category: Professionalism

May 2016 // read more
Missed Diagnoses and Discrepancy in Diagnostic Radiology [Part 1]
Dr Luke Toh
An 86-year-old male patient with a background of colorectal carcinoma had total colectomy performed four years ago. He completed chemotherapy and the disease has been in remission since 2013. The current CT scan reveals multiple liver metastases ranging from 3 cm to 7 cm in diameter scattered throug...
Category: Professionalism