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Medico-Legal Seminar on Mental Capacity Assessment - Caring for persons lacking mental capacity

14 Apr 2018
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Complimentary for all doctors
9am - 5pm

Health Promotion Board (HPB)
Auditorium, Level 7
3 Second Hospital Ave, Singapore 168937

Target Audience: General Practitioners, Paediatricians, Psychiatrist and Neurologists

The Mental Capacity Act provides for all adult persons with capacity to appoint a person with Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) to make decisions on their behalf when they lose their capacity. At the same time the court may appoint a deputy for a person who is below 21 years of age and lacks capacity to make decisions on certain matters if the court considers it likely that the person will still lack capacity when he reaches the age of 21.

Registered medical practitioners are expected to perform mental capacity assessment to determine capacity or lack of and write a court approved format of medical report writing. This seminar will review the knowledge and discus the skills needed for doctors to fulfil their legal and professional ethical duties in caring for persons lacking capacity. Participants would have an opportunity to engage leading medical, legal and ethical experts and officials of the Office of Public Guardian and Family courts.

To deepen your understanding on Mental Capacity Assessment and the Act, you are encouraged to attempt the following Online Modules:

  1. LPA Certificate Issuer Online Training Module
  2. Assessment of Mental Capacity under the Mental Capacity Act
  3. Mental Capacity Assessment for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (PWIDs) Module(OPG03)

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