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Ethics Courses for AST & FM Trainees

Course Schedule for 2018 - 2019
25 Jan 2018 - 27 Jan 2018
Remarks: Registration is closed.
22 Mar 2018 - 24 Mar 2018
24 May 2018 - 26 May 2018
26 Jul 2018 - 28 Jul 2018
20 Sep 2018 - 22 Sep 2018
15 Nov 2018 - 17 Nov 2018
Remarks: Please note that there are no more slots available for the November session.
24 Jan 2019 - 26 Jan 2019
Remarks: Please note that there are no more slots available for the January session.
14 Mar 2019 - 16 Mar 2019
Remarks: Please note that there are no more slots available for the March 2019 session.
30 May 2019 - 01 Jun 2019
11 Jul 2019 - 13 Jul 2019
12 Sep 2019 - 14 Sep 2019
16 Jan 2020 - 18 Jan 2020
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8:00am-5:30pm (Thu, Fri), 8:30am-12:30pm (Sat)

Hotel Re
175A Chin Swee Road
Singapore 169879


Courses held in 2018/2019: $700, before prevailing GST 



This course is designed for doctors who at the end of their specialist training are embarking on to the next stage of their professional growth in becoming consultants. The purpose is to prepare them to lead clinical teams with independent medical and ethical decision making; and assume leadership in professional and clinical governance, as well as medical education.



  1. To create an awareness and sensibility to issues of professionalism, ethics and law in the practice of medicine in Singapore.
  2. To acquire skills in ethical analysis and resolution of issues in professionalism and clinical ethics.
  3. To appreciate professional accountability and respond appropriately to the legal/professional duties and responsibilities.
  4. To acquire the skills in decision making in informed consent and end of life issues.
  5. To review the core skills in doctor-patient communication.
  6. To acquire a framework for personal professional development.


If you need to take the course urgently, please email us at astethics@sma.org.sg


Please read the course details carefully before submitting your registration.

Do note that it will be more beneficial to attend the course nearer to your exit date.

We reserve the right to reject your registration if it is incomplete or too far away from your exit date.

Priority will be given to those who will be exiting soon.


Registration begins at 8:00am on Thursday. Please be punctual.

Do note that all food serve contains No Pork, No Lard. If you require halal or vegetarian meals, do state it the online registration form (below).


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