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SMA's MME programme starts January 2024

  1. Does your 2-year PC start on 1 Jan 2024?
    You need to accumulate 5 Mandatory Medical Ethics (MME) points over the next 24 months. 
  2. If your 2-year PC starts on 1 Jan 2025, your MME period only starts Jan 2025.
  3. MME modules will be offered by the three Professional Bodies (i.e. AM, CFPS and SMA) starting 2024. For each PB, some MME modules are open only to Members, and others to all doctors. 
  4. SMA's list is shown below.
  5. Fully paid-up SMA Members can choose from 15 modules. The first 5 completed will yield 1 MME point each. Beyond this, "ordinary" CME points will credited.    
  6. Non-Members and SMA Members still in arrears will not be able to access the 5 MME "Articles". They can choose from 10 modules (MME Webinars and On-Line Recorded Lectures) and will pay the non-Member rate.
  7. Modules can only be completed once. If you feel compelled to join in these modules even though your MME cycle only starts in Jan 2025, leave at least 5 modules uncompleted until 2025, for the 5 MME points you will need. Otherwise, you will have to get your MME points from the modules of AM or CFPS.


List of SMA-conducted MME programmes available in 2024


All programmes above will be accorded 1 MME point.

SMA Members in good standing will be able to access the MME CME Programmes starting 1 Jan 2024.

All information is correct as of 21 Nov 2023.