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Nov 2015 // read more
Medicine, Law, Professional Regulation and Ethics - Part 2
Dr Peter Loke , Dr T Thirumoorthy
ETHICS & PROFESSIONALISM Medical practice is probabilistic; it is an imperfect science, based on complex, vast yet evolving knowledge carried out in teams, and subject to communication lapses and individual biases. Each patient is also unique. Laws, regulations and practice guidelines cannot ...
Category: Medical Ethics , Medical Practice , Professionalism
Topic: Regulation

Sep 2015 // read more
Medicine, Law, Professional Regulation and Ethics — Part 1
Dr Peter Loke
Understanding and applying the law, professional ethical code and guidelines, and ethics are integral parts of professionalism in medical practice. This two-part article will attempt to make some sense of how each of these is different yet correlated. The current article looks at law and professiona...
Category: Medical Practice , Health Law , Medical Ethics , Professionalism
Topic: Regulation

May 2014 // read more
Mediation and Arbitration in Healthcare Dispute Resolution
Dr Peter Loke
Disputes in healthcare can arise from a variety of reasons. While failure to provide proper care resulting in patient harm is one such reason, adverse outcomes can arise even with the best clinical care. A lack of good communication following adverse outcomes, whatever the cause; or indeed poor comm...
Category: Professionalism , Medical Ethics , Health Law
Topic: Conduct