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Anil Changaroth

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Jun 2018 // read more
Christopher Chong , A/Prof Cheong Pak Yean , Dr Anantham Devanand , Anil Changaroth , Dr Tommy Tan
With the recent publicity of a number of disciplinary cases against doctors before the Singapore Medical Council (SMC), it is an opportune time to revisit this issue and consider how medical practitioners can best handle such complaints. In order to understand how to deal with SMC complaints, we ...
Category: Medical Ethics , Medical Practice , Professionalism , Health Law

Dec 2013 // read more
Further Options in Alternative Dispute Resolution
Anil Changaroth
This is the third instalment in a series on alternative dispute resolution. The first instalment, “Scheme Arbitration – Efficient Dispute Resolution” can be found in the October 2013 issue of SMA News ( The second instalment, “Collaborative Practice &nda...
Category: Health Law

Oct 2013 // read more
Scheme Arbitration – Efficient Dispute Resolution
Anil Changaroth , Dr Peter Loke
What is arbitration? Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution technique conducted privately, where parties agree to refer their dispute to an individual or a group of three persons. The decision, an award which is confidential, is binding on parties and enforceable internationally. The ar...
Category: Health Law